The Plastic Family

The Polymers go way back

Mankind has been using polymers/ plastic as long as man has been using wood. The first modern example of polymer was seen with the works of Henri Braconnot’s in the 1830’s where derivatives of natural polymer cellouse (a polymer that provide the tough walls of plant cells) to produce semi-synthetic materials.

It was World War II era that marked the emergence of a strong commercial polymer industry. The limited supply of natural material increased production of synthetic substitutes.

The Polymers                                                                                 

 According to the chemical properties, all these things are made from the same class of materials. POLYMERS. The materials performance pyramid (see below) ranks the most common thermoplastic according to temperature, chemical structure and polarity. Each material within the polymer family has different properties and is used for numerous different applications. 

Classification of Plastics



Semi-crystalline Ertalon®/Nylatron

-          Good mechanical strength

-          Toughness

-          Stiffness

-          Good Wear Resistance

Ertacetal® POM/Acetal- C, Acetal-H

-          Mechanical strength

-          Stiffness and enhanced dimensional stability

-          a low coefficient of friction

Duratron® /PBI/ Duratron® PI and Duratron

Top performance in both structural, friction and wear applications

Operates at temperature of 310 °C

Ketron Peek / Techtron® PPS and Fluorosint® PTFE

Excellent chemical and mechanical properties

Work with high operating temperatures

Used for both structural, friction and wear applications



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