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Our range of Engineering Plastics and Laminates can be used in many applications in consideration of their specific characteristics and performance in certain conditions such as temperature, wear, stress loading, electrical requirements and other variables.

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Our range of products include a host of highly-developed materials such as Acetal, Nylon, PE1000, PEEK and PTFE. 

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Our range of products includes a host of highly-developed materials such as PTFE, SRBP, Nylon 6, and Acetal.

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What is SRBP P1 (Paxolin) and How Can It Be Used?

SRBP (equivalent to Paxolin, IP/13 and B4) is a Synthetic Resin Bonded Paper industrial laminate, which is available in two grades: P1 and P3. What are the differences between the grades, and what are typical applications of each?

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What Is SRBF Industrial Laminate and Where Can It Be Used?

SRBF stands for synthetic resin-bonded fabric, which is an industrial laminate used in mechanical and electromechanical applications.

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