In line with this industry’s requirements for weight reduction to increase fuel efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions we offer a wide range of high strength to weight materials. These materials are resistant to chemicals, offer temperature and wear resistance, and can be efficiently machined into the components required by our customers.

Our partner supplier Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials holds AS9100C approval for its stock shapes that we distribute around the UK. Our technical experts can provide support on material selection from our wide product range to ensure the best performing and most cost-effective solution can be delivered for your application.

Examples of the advantages we can bring to our customers are

  • Weight saving components that allow greater payload alongside improved fuel efficiency
  • No galvanic corrosion when in contact with carbon fibre composites
  • Reduced friction with little or no lubrication on wear surfaces
  • High wear resistance
  • Thermo-isolation of critical electronic components and other structures
  • Chemical resistance to all common aircraft fluids
  • Cost efficient solutions when replacing Aluminium, Titanium, and other metals

Typical Uses

  • Seals & Gaskets
  • Inlet rings
  • Structural parts
  • Thermal isolators
  • High temperature bushings
  • Fuel pipe brackets
  • Wear surfaces

Common Materials

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