Our Services

At Ai Engineering Plastics and Laminates we have a wide range of extensive services that we can offer our customers so they receive their material in the exact shape and condition required.

Our services that we can offer are listed below:


Our router is ideal for processing a wide range of materials including our laminates and engineering plastics. With speed and precision guaranteed, the Ai 3m x 2m router guarantees reduced manufacturing times and a higher rate of accuracy than ever before. The router can be used to achieve multiple styles of cuts, engravings and simple machine parts. To find our more send us your enquiries today by clicking here.

Popular applications for the router include:

  • Gear Wheels
  • Machine Guarding
  • Windows
  • Thermal Breaks
  • Scraper Blades
  • Wear Strips

Precision Grinding:

We are able to ensure precision grind your material from 6mm – 90mm dia to a tolerance of +/- 0.05mm on most of on our stock material. Some of these stock materials include Acetal, PTFE, PEEK, Nylon 6 and Nylon 66.


Using our sander, we can process sheets to attain tighter tolerance levels than their manufactured levels with a minimum tolerance level of +/-0.25mm. This produces material that is suitable for our customers and which can be finished with less subsequent machining.


We are able to bend your polycarbonate and acrylic plastics which is most useful when needing machine guards, viewing panels, plastic tanks, display cases and COVID screens.

Cut to Size:

In house we are able to cut to size nearly all of our material to the exact size you require.

Want to know more? Please call us on 0161 727 0250 or contact us for a quotation at enquiries@aiplastics.com or send us your drawings here.


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