Anti-Static Additives in Plastic: PC350

polycarbonate 350

Anti-Static Additives in Plastic: PC350

Most of us have probably experienced the shocking effects of static electricity – a slight jolt when you turn the light on or your hair standing on end as you take your hat off. This is often a result of the friction caused by two objects touching each other. One object becomes positively charged while the other becomes negatively charged. This causes electro static dissipation which destroys electric components, alters magnetic media and, at times, even sets off explosions.

Why are Anti-Static Plastics Important?

Most plastics are electrical insulators, which means that their internal electric charges do not flow freely. This enables polymers to add surface-related electrostatic charges. Anti-static additives to materials, such as high impact polystyrene, help reduce the level of static build up by minimizing surface resistance.


PC-350™ Polycarbonate is a plastic sheet product that controls static electricity for many applications, including bent and contoured equipment covers, guards, enclosures, and panels. It is a premium quality polycarbonate sheet with a coating that prevents charge generation on the sheet surfaces.

Polycarbonate is easily fabricated in flat and bent shapes using the same equipment and fabrication techniques. The product has properties to accommodate heat bending, however, too much heat can prevent damage to the PC350 surface.

Some of the key characteristics of PC350 polycarbonate:

  • Light in weight
  • Anti-static
  • Available in large sheets
  • Excellent clarity
  • Chemical resistance
  • Brilliant bending characteristics
  • Cannot be tribo charged when properly grounded
  • Rapid static dissipation without arcing
  • Humidity independent static charge control


Typical applications include contoured panels and fabricated items which require heat bending. These can be used on:

  • Guards
  • Covers
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Access Panels for electronic equipment
  • Keypads
  • Assembly machines and Instruments
  • Line covers and shields

Want to know more about PC350?

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