SRBP Paper Laminates

SRBP Paper Laminates SRBP Paper Laminates

Material Description

SRBP stands for Synthetic Resin Bonded Paper and is sold by us in two grades: P1 and P3, the difference between the two mainly being their electrical properties. SRBP P1 conforms to BSEN60893 3-4-PFCP201 whilst P3 conforms to BSEN60893 3-4-PFCP206.

Material Characteristics

P1 (Paxolin)

  • Low voltage insulation
  • Good machinability
  • Good economic cost


  • High voltage insulation
  • Good machinability
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Good mechanical strength

Typical Applications

P1 (Paxolin)

  • Electrical insulation components
  • Spacers
  • Base plates
  • Side plates
  • Simple jigs and fixtures


  • Terminal boards
  • Insulated enclosures
  • Mounting panels
  • Insulating sleeves and bushes
  • Insulating spacers
  • Busbar supports
  • Coil formers


  1. SRBP P3 Sheet Brown
    SRBP P3 Sheet Brown
    As low as £0.00
  2. SRBP P1 Sheet Black
    SRBP P1 Sheet Black
    As low as £0.00
  3. SRBP P1 Sheet Brown
    SRBP P1 Sheet Brown
    As low as £0.00

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