What Is SRBF Industrial Laminate and Where Can It Be Used?

SRBF stands for synthetic resin-bonded fabric, which is an industrial laminate used in mechanical and electromechanical applications.

Differing from engineering plastics, SRBF are thermosets opposed to traditional thermoplastics. Thermoplastics melt and disfigure when exposed to excess heat, whereas thermoset components become fixed in their physical and chemical properties.

During production, they experience a chemical change and become set, hard solids that cannot be melted or remoulded once they have been cured. This process eliminates the risk of the product melting when heat is applied, making them ideal for use in components which require tight tolerances and excellent strength-to-weight characteristics.

The performance of SRBF materials makes them the perfect component for use in a wide range of high-heat applications, including in the automotive, appliance, electrical, lighting and energy markets.

Additional advantages of working with thermoset materials include:

  • High strength-to-weight ratio and performance
  • Choice of colour and surface finishes
  • Outstanding dielectric strength
  • Low thermal conductivity and microwave transparency
  • Resistance to corrosion effects and water
  • Lower tooling/set-up costs
  • Reduced production costs over fabrication using metals

Ai Plastics stock SRBF fabric in two grades, F1 and F2. The main difference between the two grades is their mechanical strength.

What is SRBF F1 used for?

SRBF F1 conforms to BSEN60893 3-4-PFCC305, which is manufactured from high quality fine weave bleached and scoured cotton cloth. This material combines excellent mechanical strength with high electrical properties and can be machined accurately to precise tolerances.

SRBF F1 also exhibits good wear resistance, low water absorption and good dimensional stability allowing its use in components which require intricate features with a fine machined finish.

Typical applications include cams, fine toothed gears, seal retaining rings, geneva wheels, actuating arms, insulating sleeves and bushes and insulation for low and medium voltages.

What is SRBF F2 used for?

SRBF F2 conforms to BSEN60893 3-4-PFCC203 and exhibits a combination of good electrical and thermal insulation properties, mechanical strength and dimensional stability.

SRBF F2 is available from stock in both sheet and rod form, and is the most commonly used laminated plastic, suitable for a wide range of mechanical applications such as gears, bearings, jigs and fixtures.

We carry the widest range of SRBF laminates in the UK, allowing us to respond urgently to our customers’ requirements. Whether this is as a part of an installation project, or a repair and maintenance requirement, we can provide the correct material. We also offer machined and fabricated parts allowing replacement parts to be supplied with a minimum amount of downtime.

Shop our range of industrial laminates, including SRBF F1 and F2 sheet and rod here. Or for more information, contact Ai Plastics on 0161 727 0255 or email enquiries@aiplastics.com.


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