The Industrial Laminate Industry

Industrial laminates are usually constructed from layers of fibrous reinforcement bonded together with high quality thermosetting resins. These are available in various grades and can be used in a wide range of applications including:

  • Electrical Transformers
  • Gears
  • Bearing
  • Jigs
  • Fixtures
  • Thermal Breaks

At Ai, we offer industrial laminates in different grades and sheet forms such all cut to size as per your requirements. For orders placed online before 1.30 PM, you can get next day delivery! The laminates we have offer at Ai include: 






Key Characteristics

  • Operating temperature ranges from 0°C up to +250°C.
  • Rigid with high strength and low weight
  • Electrical, mechanical and thermal properties
  • Non-corrosive
  • Higher thermal expansion
  • Weather resistant
  • Good resistance to chemicals, oils, solvents & hydrocarbons.
  • Susceptible to concentrated acids and alkalis

Epoxy 4WEP

Epoxy resin bonded glass fabric is known to offer high mechanical strength and low moisture absorption. It is combined with excellent electrical properties and works well in both dry and humid conditions. At Ai Plastics, Epoxy 4W/EP is UL94 VO approved and are fire rated.



  • Insulation in large turbine generators
  • Components for cryogenic superconducting magnets
  • Bolt insulation in structures
  • Jigs for electro- chemical machining
  • Structural insulation for high performance electronic equipment
  • Wearing and bearing applications

At Ai, we now offer epoxy in the form of rods and sheets. See a range of products we offer.

Paxolin / Paper

Paper based laminates, also known as SRBP or synthetic resin bonded papers, are made from stacked layers of paper saturated with specially formulated synthetic resins. The material can be easily machined, with mechanical and electrical properties with impact strength and can be used in a variety of engineering components.

SRBP P1 acts as a good, economic, low voltage insulation material, to be used when electrical requirements are moderate and can be supplied in either Brown or Black.

On the other hand, P3 (also known as kite), exhibits very good electrical insulation properties, and can be used where high voltages are being generated.

Overall Applications

  • Spacers
  • Base plates
  • Side plates
  • Simple jigs and fixtures

For more information on paper-based laminates, download datasheets here.

Fabric based laminates

The fabric-based laminates, also sometimes referred to as SRBF or synthetic resin bonded fabric, and are known for their high strength, high temperature and electrical insulation. They are manufactured using high pressure laminating processes with synthetic phenolic resins to help create a rigid and wear-resistant product. 


  • High strength-to-weight ratio and performance
  • Choice of colour and surface finishes
  • Outstanding dielectric strength
  • Low thermal conductivity and microwave transparency
  • Resistance to corrosion effects and water
  • Lower tooling/set-up costs
  • Reduced production costs over fabrication using metals
  • Operating temperature ranges up to 120 degrees Celsius


F1, a phenolic cotton laminate, is a fine weave and displays exceptional mechanical and chemical properties. The material is machined accurately to precise tolerance levels.

It is known to display good wear resistance, low water absorption and good dimensional stability enabling its use in a variety of components, especially those which require intricate features with a fine machined finish. It has better electrical strength than F2 grade.


  • Fine toothed gears
  • Seal retaining rings
  • Geneva wheels
  • Actuating arms
  • Insulating sleeves
  • Bushes and Insulation for low and medium voltages

To see our pricing structure, please visit our web shop or download our data sheet here.


F2 is specifically designed for a wide range of applications and is suitable has mechanical properties and is used in applications such as large gears. At Ai plastic, we stock in both sheet and rod forms. The material exhibits excellent wear resistance and thermal insulation properties.

  • Applications:
  • Gears
  • Bearings
  • Jigs
  • Fixtures

For more information, please download our datasheet here.  

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