A Sneak Peek into PEEK

Ketron Peek

The Ketron PEEK family of materials is based on polyetheretherketone resin. This semi-crystalline advanced material exhibits a unique combination of high mechanical properties, temperature resistance and excellent chemical resistance, thereby making it the most popular advanced plastics material.

Throughout the plastic industry, PEEK is known as a high-performance polymer. It is used in a variety of applications including automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, and medical equipment.


PEEK (Polyaryletheretherketone) materials are semi-crystalline, high purity polymers and consist of repeating monomers of two ether groups along with a key-tone group. PEEK can be traced back to the 1960s when its first patent was filed.

PEEK-based materials are known to be lightweight, easily bent and shaped, resistant to corrosion and with a higher level of specific strength.


  • Continuous High Temperature of up to 250 °C; up to 310 °C for short periods of time

 PEEK has a continuous use temperature of 260 degrees which makes it suitable to use in a wide range of thermally aggressive environments, such as oil and gas sectors.

  • High mechanical strength

PEEK has a high level of mechanical strength and demonstrates excellent stiffness over a wide range of temperatures. It has both creep and fatigue resistance mainly due to its semi- crystalline structure which makes it more durable than many other polymers.  

  • Excellent chemical and hydrolysis resistance

PEEK is also known to withstand damage inflicted in chemically aggressive operational environments. These include the oil & gas industry, gears in machinery and automotive applications.

  • Excellent resistance to high energy radiation (gamma- and X-rays)

PEEK does not absorb moisture and does not change its properties in wet environments. Hence, it is able to resist gamma and electron beam radiation and is able to maintain transparency in X-rays, thus making it perfect to use during medical applications.

  • Inherent low flammability and low levels of smoke evolution during combustion

PEEK is known to possess excellent levels of flammability. It is therefore able to resist combustion levels of up to 600°C.  

Thanks to our highly beneficial partnership with our supplier, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials, at Ai Plastics, we stock Ketron PEEK in the form of sheets and bars. There are a range of grades that we offer. These include:

Ketron PEEK 1000

Ketron 1000 PEEK stock shapes are produced from virgin polyetheretherketone resin and offer the highest toughness and impact strength of all Ketron PEEK grades. Ketron 1000 PEEK comes in natural & black (rods, plates and tubes) and are also available as Food and life science grades (LSG).


  • Bushings
  • Bearings
  • Seals
  • Back up rings
  • Structural Parts
  • Oil and Gas
  • Aerospace
  • Food Technology

Ketron CA30 Peek (30% Carbon Fibre- Reinforced)

The 30% carbon fibre reinforced grade usually comes in black and is known to combine higher stiffness with mechanical strength and creep resistance. The carbon fibres in Ketron PEEK reduce thermal expansion and provide thermal conductivity that is 3.5 times greater than regular fibres. This results in the improvement of bearing life and pressure velocity capabilities. Download our data sheet to find out more.


Pump Wear Rings

Ketron GF 30

This 30% glass fibre reinforced grade (colour: brownish-grey) offers higher stiffness and creep resistance. The grade is appropriate for structural applications carrying high static loads for long periods of time at elevated temperatures. To find out more, download our data sheet here.


  • Reduced expansion rate
  • Increased flexural modulus
  • Improved strength, stiffness and stability even at temperatures of 300°F (150°C)


Structural Applications

Ketron HPV Peek (Bearing Grade)

HPV Peek Bearing grade is known for its low levels of friction, durability and high pressure velocity capabilities.


Ideal for aggressive service bearings

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